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We specialize in commercial drain cleaning, using HYDRO-JET equipment to remove the grease and debris that accumulates over time, which results in costly back-up's.

Also available are Drain Maintenance contracts, which warranty your drains to avoid backups during peak operating times.

Hydro-jet Cleaning

The most effective form of drain cleaning there is, this drain treatment removes all of the debris that accumulates in the drain. Over time drains become impacted and the internal diameter decreases slowly until the pipe is completely clogged.



Regular snaking only bores a hole to provide short-term relief and the problem will occur more regularly. A Hydro-Jet treatment will remove most, if not all of the debris, depending on the amount of accumulation and the time since the last cleaning, resulting in TROUBLE-FREE drains.

Video Pipe Inspection & Electronic Line/Leak Location

The video location equipment is an invaluable tool. We can visually show you exactly what is wrong with your drains and locate the source of the problem, Knowing precisely where the problem is located and how to best solve it.


Watch your video inspection as it is being preformed on a monitor then a video is given to you for your review.



License #CA-671498

Our experienced technicians can diagnose any sewer problem. Using Video inspection equipment we can pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and advise you of the best possible solution.

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